Data Center Design

Dc infrastructure with enhanced capacity of cooling along with the in-hand maintenance and planned deployment in terms of monitoring and secure entry system.


The most approachable solution VMWare and vSPHERE for server consolidation to lessen up the TCO to conserve energy and other resources by towering single server unit, which is easy to manage and avoid crucial and critical issues.

LAN Infrastructure

Local Area Networking (LAN) operating shaped cabling with fiber copper/optic from construction to scheming, assembling, management and monitored by the World’s leading testing equipment.


Basic concern of modern world to secure business data in terms of libraries, storage loaders and disk based solutions. ICTlog has best skills in storage area where the client has concerns to secure his critical business data. we provided storage taps, libraries and disk based solutions according to enterprise business requirements.

UPS and Power

Uninterrupted power supply is backbone of every successful business. Package of proper commercial and industrial UPS solution is offered in affordable and professional manners.

Enterprise Computing Infrastructure

To fulfill the business requirements efficiently, we provide professional services of centrally deployed servers.

Network and Communication

ICTlog helps our customer in intact solution of LAN and WAN in accordance with industry standards which covers single unit/point network, P2P (Point to Point) connections and IP telephony.

IT Security

Modern world facing major challenges of securing their most critical and expensive IT infrastructure. To meet with these challenges we provide state of the art antivirus set up with most effective antivirus applications installed locally or in server based setup.

Mobility and IP Surveillance

IP based surveillance with mobility is the most critical requirement of the industry. ICTlog has significant skills on IP surveillance with the touch of mobility to reduce the chance of any potential threat to the system.

SLA, s and HMA, s

Services offered by us can be covered by SLAs and HMAs because we are confident in everything we do. Nationwide inquiries handled by highly professional IT engineers immediately with the accordance of Service Level Agreement – SLA and Hardware Management Agreement – HMA.